Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Second Mile Weighs Options

It's been a little while since we heard any news from The Second Mile, the charity for troubled children founded by former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.  The last time we had some major news to report on the organization, we learned that they had started laying off employees.  As we enter the new year, we are learning more about the organization's plans.

The Patriot News reported yesterday that the organization was considering outsourcing some of its services to three charities as 2011 came to a close.  But about 10 days ago, two of those charities backed out.  The signal was clear: They wanted no part of The Second Mile.  Now the troubled charity is deciding how to move forward without its first and second choices.

One of the organizations that pulled out of negotiations is a Volunteers of America (VoA) chapter based in Harrisburg, Pa.  Leaders at he organization made up their mind after they decided the distraction of the Jerry Sandusky trial were too big of an issue.  The second organization, Centre County Youth Service Bureau, made no comment to The Patriot News on its decision.  Arrow Child & Family Ministries is still considering assuming control of some programs.

Second Mile CEO David Woodle said Tuesday that the charity has three remaining options: Continue to operate, run under a different name, or dissolve.  With the negative attention the charity has received thanks to the Sandusky scandal, it seems hard to believe it can survive, at least under its current name.  A major rebranding effort would need to be happen for the charity to continue operating.

Read the full story in The Patriot News.

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