Monday, October 17, 2011

Nonprofit Management Tip: Moving To The Next Stage Of Your Career

Turnover is a big part of jobs these days.  Whereas it was not uncommon for people to stick with their work for 20+ years in the past, these days the average stay at a job is much shorter.  With more people moving on from their careers, how can you distinguish yourself from the past?  The NonProfit Times just put up a new management tip about that very topic:

* Find Your Passion: Sit down and figure out your best attributes. Test your list with a trusted friend, along with a trusted co-worker.

* Create A List: Use the list to describe your accomplishments; challenges you’ve faced; and, experiences you want to have during your career.

* Elevator Speech: Prepare a short speech that encapsulates your experiences and advantages. These types of speeches should last 30 seconds.

* Where Will You Go?: Outline ins and outs to your work. Do you want to be involved in fundraising or do a little of everything? Do you want to work in a small shop or big shop? These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

Want to learn more about professional development?  Check out our devoted page on that topic for even more tips.

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