Monday, October 17, 2011

Milwaukee Nonprofits Cashed In On Brewers' Playoff Run

The Milwaukee Brewers' playoff run might be over--they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 12-6 in game 6 of the National League Championship Series (NLCS) on Sunday--but nonprofits were sure to cash in while the good times lasted.

According to an article in The Journal Sentinel, Sportservice, which runs the concession stands at Brewers home games, had a deal with local nonprofit groups that allowed their employees to work at the stands for a cut of the revenues.  The groups that sent employees to work there would earn 10 percent of the sales.  Sportservice has been working with Milwaukee nonprofits since the '90s, and groups have bought in a ton of money from it.  According to the article, one group raised $50,000 in a year.  Deals like this take place across the country, though it's usually in the minor leagues.

With the Brewers making their longest playoff run since 1982, when they reached the World Series, nonprofits were able to make more money than they might have during a normal year.  Unfortunately for nonprofits and Brewers fans, baseball in Wisconsin will be on hold until 2012.

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