Monday, October 3, 2011

Nonprofit Management Tip: Creating A Safe Workplace

Creating a safe workplace is one of the most important things to accomplish when dealing with risk management.  When accidents happen, people get hurt, and insurance is needed.  And insurance costs money.  One of the best ways to ensure your office is one your employees don't dread coming to is to constantly ask for feedback.  This was covered in of NPT's most recent management tips:

* Invite feedback, including complaints. Send a clear message that ideas on improving the safety of the workplace are welcome.

* Banish assumptions. Assuming that policies and procedures are understood and followed is unwise.

* Provide training. Workplace training should address general safety as well as topics specific to areas or departments.

* Look for root causes instead of simple answers when accidents or near-misses occur. Opportunities to learn from mistakes are missed because of the tendency to blame or look for “simple” explanations.

* Reach out for help. Consider inviting an insurer to inspect the premises to identify opportunities to improve safety.

Want to read the entire article?  Head on over to our website, and learn how you can make your nonprofit a safe one!

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