Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Reaction to the Death of Robert L. Payton

Our article on the death of Robert L. Payton was updated yesterday with more information.  Patrick Rooney, executive director of The Center on Philanthropy, announced that planning was underway for a memorial service to be held at the center.  In addition, he shared his thoughts about Payton's impact on philanthropy:

“He helped to create a movement to develop other centers. There are now hundreds of programs on philanthropy around the country and the world.”

The article was also updated with more reactions to Mr. Payton's death, including this touching message from J. Thomas Forbes, one of the first graduates students of The Center on Philanthropy and executive director of the Indiana University Alumni Association:

“Mr. Payton was one of those people who influenced a field one person at a time. He not only gave me a job, but a way of thinking of the world that has transformed my life. I know that he had the same effect on countless others.  If he were alive, he would call on us to write a reflection. Mine would be about a ‘Minister of Progress,' who played jazz and jumped out of planes in his youth, explored the world with his family, and then found his calling in philanthropy.”

“His church was the library. His parishioners were people intellectually and personally committed to understanding voluntary action for the public good. His sermons were given in classrooms, conference rooms, and his basement. His legacy will be realized through a gospel of serial reciprocity.”

We will of course keep you posted about when Robert Payton's memorial service will be held. 

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