Thursday, April 21, 2011

Salary Surveys From The NonProfit Times

Like it or not, almost every nonprofit has to fill out a Form 990 for the IRS. As your organization is probably aware, these forms can be very complex and if they are not filled out properly, your nonprofit can face revocation of tax-exempt status. Remember, IRS Form 990s are also seen by the public, so you don't want to be the one nonprofit that sticks out because of below average compensation for your employees. Luckily, The NonProfit Times has come out with four Salary and Benefit Survey Reports to help your organization stay on the track. The four reports are:

2010 Nonprofit Organizations Salary and Benefits Report: The information in this report will give you the salary range for nearly 260 positions in the nonprofit sector. This is the information that helps ensure that the salaries and benefits you offer your employees are fair and competitive.

2010 Nonprofit Organizations Salary Report: This report has comprehensive, detailed information on nonprofit salary guidelines. These guidelines help determine base salary, bonus practices, cash compensation, and pay raises. You will not find a better source to answer all of your questions regarding nonprofit salaries.

2010 NonProfit Organizations Top Executive Positions Salary & Special Perks Report: Nonprofit executive compensation has always been important to understand, but it might be even more important these days. To attract the top candidates to your organization, you need to make sure that you offer appealing compensation packages. After all, they are going to play a leading role in your organization.

2010 Nonprofit Organizations Benefits Report: The employee benefit packages that a nonprofit organization offers need to be competitive and within reason. This report will walk you through all of the important details and information that you need to make sure that employee benefit packages are in line with similar nonprofits. Doing this will not only make your organization more attractive to new workers, but it will also help with your employee retention efforts, and away from IRS sanctions.

To view more information about these reports, including pricing, please visit The NonProfit Times' salary survey page.

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