Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NPTtv Summary: A Light at the End of the Grant-Making Tunnel

Note: This is a summary of a story from the newest webcast of The NonProfit Times TV. To view the video of this story in full, follow the links in this post.

After some disappointing reports on giving by grant-making organizations during the last couple of years, a new report by the Foundation Center is giving some reason for optimism. 

According to the report, these organizations gave $45.7 billion in giving during 2010.  At first glance, this number might not seem too impressive as it is the same as it was in 2009. However, if the predictions of the report come true, grant-making is in for an impressive 2011.  The report by the Foundation Center says that giving by grant-makers should see a significant increase this year; specifically between 2 and 4 percent.  Assuming this happens, it would surpass the previous record for giving in a year, which was in 2008.
In addition, the survey is similarly bullish for 2012 (assuming there is no unexpected economic crisis).  Here are some other highlights from the report:

  • Independent and family foundations reduced their giving by 1%
  • Corporation giving remained basically unchanged, at $4.7 billion
  • In a rare negative aspect of the report, it was found that Community foundation giving fell 2.1%, the first consecutive year decline on record

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