Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Controversial E-Mail Sparks Calls for Nonprofit Director to Resign

Jerry Adams, director of the Human Services Coalition, is in hot water after an e-mail he sent sparked controversy.  The e-mail was in response to an announcement by Sandra Pruitt, head of People for Change, about forming a new group to advocate against government cuts to nonprofits.  Here is some of what Adams e-mail said:

"Where exactly do you get the authority to represent your organization as the Nonprofit Coalition of Prince George's County?" the email from Adams reads, adding later: "HSC represents a reasoned and tactical approach as [a] voice of the nonprofit community, and you confuse the issue with a second message and style ... it is a huge disservice to nonprofits."
Pruitt, who is African American, said she felt like she was "on the plantation, having to go to the master to ask for permission."  She and her supporters said they felt threatened by the e-mail, and are calling for Adams to resign.  For his part, Adams has apologized to Pruitt and "regrets" the tone of his message.  "I hope we can all put this behind us and get back to working hard for the nonprofits of Prince George's County," Adams said. 

Still, it doesn't appear the anger has been sated.  Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene Grant, who wore a noose around his neck while at a meeting about the controversial message, said the "e-mail was a direct threat to a black woman from a white man that should be unacceptable in this county. To me, it's a modern-day lynching."

What do you think about this issue?  Was Adams in the wrong here, or are Pruitt and her supporters overreacting?  Read the full article at Gazette.net.

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