Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nonprofit Giants Make Deals To Improve Donor Data

Three of the most prominent companies in the fundraising business are in the process of growing even further and providing more convincing evidence that data is king at the end of the day. Blackbaud, based in Charleston South Carolina, is a technology firm that markets financial and online fundraising software. The company spent $17.5 million to buy public interest data in Alexandria Virginia, which provides database management services, acquisition list services and data analytics and enrichment services for nonprofits. The Internet fundraising firm Convio, based in Austin Texas, announced that it will be spending at least $5 million in order to acquire Strategic One, an analytics predictive modeling and database marketing services company located in Kansas.

Strategic One touted itself in the innovative terminology of 'business intelligence', which refers to the collection, modeling and integration of fundraising and donor information. In each of these cases the companies agreed to pay as much as $2.5 million more depending on the relevant revenue objectives. In addition to these business developments, WealthEngine, based in Bethesda Maryland, a provider of wealth identification- and information-based fundraising solutions announced that it purchased and will put to use Oracle exit-data database machines. The upgrade is expected to dramatically improve the performance, user-friendliness and scalability of its wealth intelligence solutions. The financial information related to this deal has not been released.

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