Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Workaholics inebriate everyone in the office

There's being committed to the job, and then there's being a workaholic. It might sound like a polite euphemism for someone who puts maybe a little too much time into work or seems a little too dedicated.

But according to Bryan Robinson, a retired psychology professor, workaholism is an addiction, a serious one that harms not only the addict but also everyone around the person. In fact, it also does a disservice to the group, company or organization to which the workaholic belongs.
Being a workaholic has been linked to sleep disorders, heart attacks and strokes.

In his book "Chained to the Desk," Robinson identifies 12 symptoms that are signs of being a workaholic. While none of these signs alone points to pathology, taken together they indicate a serious problem.
The 12 signs are:

  • Rarely delegating or asking for help;
  • Showing impatience with others' work;
  • Often doing two, three or more tasks at one time;
  • Committing to work; biting off more than one can chew;
  • Feeling guilty and/or lost when not at work;
  • Focusing on results, not the task;
  • Focusing on planning, ignoring the here and now;
  • Continuing to work after others quit;
  • Imposing pressure-filled deadlines;
  • Seldom relaxing;
  • Attending more to work than to relationships; and,
  • Lacking hobbies and social interests.

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