Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Exempt Magazine, the premier source for financial information in the nonprofit world, is pleased to annouce the launch of its redesigned website,; upgraded to serve as a primary information portal for financial executives within the nonprofit world.

So, what's new at
  • Ease of navigation. You will be able to get the latest news, view our media kit, subscribe to the magazine, and more. All this and more is easily accessible on our new site.
  • Exempt e-newsletter – receive the latest financial news affecting the nonprofit world, delivered right to your e-doorstep! (InBox, actually). The first issue will be sent out the week of December 9. Click here to make sure you are on the list to receive this inaugural issue!
  • Exempt Job Board. Are you looking for a financial job in the nonprofit industry, or searching for a few good candidates? The Exempt Job Board will launch in January, but we are taking inquiries now. Click here for more information.

Click here to visit the new Exempt website now!

New Face. New Content. Still the Premier Source For Financial Information In The Nonprofit World

This new website is just another step in the launching of the new Exempt. As mentioned previously, Exempt magazine is getting a complete makeover – new website, new magazine, new e-newsletter, and more!

The next issue of Exempt magazine you receive will have a facelift. Beginning with our December 2007/January 2008 issue, Exempt will have an improved look and feel, but still contain information vital to financial executives in the nonprofit world. If you are unfamiliar with us, now is a great time to learn how you can take advantage of some great advertising opportunities. If you have worked with us in the past, we can’t wait to talk to you about the changes at Exempt and the new opportunities we have to offer. Using a combination of print, electronic, and events, we are on track to quickly becoming the only source you need for reaching your marketing goals.

To learn more about the opportunities Exempt has to offer, click here to download our 2008 Media Kit. For additional questions or to get started, contact Harry Dolan, Publisher at 973-401-0202 x212,

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