Thursday, October 4, 2007

Web fundraising on a shoestring budget

A marketing or fundraising campaign can only get started with a big chunk of money to support it, right? Money doesn't hurt, but at a recent national conference on nonprofit marketing, Dina Lewis, Allyson Kapin and Donna Wilkins offered suggestions on six ways to help a campaign, titled "Internet Marketing on a Shoestring Budget."

The six ways they suggested are:

  • Submit to article marketing sites. These include,,, and
  • Create memorable URLs. URL names should be short, catchy and memorable. Beware of names that are too long or wonky sounding.
  • Build your online media list. Build an online/media blog list consisting of media outlets related to your field (e.g. public health, environment, politics). A site such as has a search function offering lists of blogs that cover your issue. Also, track media and blog hits for free by setting up a Google email alert.
  • Integrate off-line promotions. Include your Web site's URL in offline communications, such as press releases, direct mail, telemarketing, print advertising and radio advertising.
  • Use viral marketing. Make it easy for visitors to sign a petition or pass a message along to a friend.
  • Take advantage of social networking. Consider the following:,,,

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