Monday, September 30, 2013

4 Questions To Ask About Web Technology

Though some would like to believe otherwise, there is simply no way to run a successful nonprofit or business in today's world without being at least familiar with online technology. There are many questions managers will have but, according to experts speaking at this year's Bridge Conference, they should start with their organization's website.

Speaking at the New York City-based conference, representatives of Big Duck and the Environmental Defense Fund said that website technology is an important component of maintaining a good site and keeping it effective.

Getting the most of this technology, the representatives said, means answering specific questions regarding your current web hosting. They said that if the organization cannot give a definitive yes answer to the questions, then it is time to re-evaluate the content management and constituent management systems (CMS and CRM) and to consider alternatives.

The questions you should ask are:
  • Does the organization have a way to track actions such as donations, open rates and event sign-ups?
  • Is there enough support for the system that there is confidence it will be around for the long term?
  • Does the site’s publishing system make it easy for staff to update content?
  • Does the site have the tools and functions to meet organization goals and those of the organization’s audience?

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