Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nonprofit Employee Retention And The NPT Salary Survey

If there's one thing a nonprofit can't afford in these tough times it's losing workers. Employee retention is an essential ingredient of any successful organization and, as a nonprofit manager, it's your responsibility to figure out what is going wrong if you are losing staff left and right.

High turnover can be caused by many things but the common denominator is usually salary. This is one of the many reasons The NonProfit Times' Salary Survey is so important. Simply put, your organization will find itself with a dearth of talent if your salary and benefits packages are not on par with similar nonprofits.

As was mentioned in previous blog posts, the data from the 2013 Salary Survey will be used to NPT's comprehensive Salary and Benefits Reports. Just for completing the Survey, participants will receive a FREE executive summary of the results and your entire organization will get 50 percent off the full 2013 Salary and Benefits Report. Once you get this crucial information, you will be able to see if the compensation you are offering your employees needs to be adjusted to remain competitive with similar nonprofits. 

Participating in the Salary Survey is easier than ever with some of the new features in this year's edition. Anyone who participated in the survey in 2011 or 2012 can use their existing data to jump start the 2013 survey completion process. You only need to change the data that is different. In addition, the survey has been streamlined to make for a smoother and faster experience for first-time users.

Participate in the 2013 Salary Survey today and help all nonprofits get on the right financial track!

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