Friday, May 31, 2013

The June 1 2013 Issue Of The NonProfit TImes

The June 1 issue of The NonProfit Times is now online and with it, all the reading material you will need to get through the summer heat. The new edition contains, among other stories, a look at how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is affecting part-time work and a list of the favorite websites of nonprofit tech experts.

Here's a closer look at the content you can expect to find in the magazine:

Special Report

  • Nonprofit Techies Find Comfort In The Familiar: We talked to six tech experts in the nonprofit sector and asked them what their favorite web hangouts were. Answers ranged from PostSecret to Invisible People yet all these sites had one thing in common: They fit with their passions.
  • ACS: Next 100 Years: Now that the American Cancer Society has hit its 100th anniversary, CEO John Seffrin looks back at what the organization has accomplished, and its goals for the future.
  • Online Auctions Can Be The Cat's MeowGo into any of the 2,700 Goodwill stores and you’ll find a lot of the same types of things: clothing, books, electronics, furniture. What you won’t find are pieces of artwork worth as much as a new car, all of which are being auctioned on the organization's website.
  • Part-Time Staff Hours In Flux Due To Obamacare: Many organizations are having trouble with how to meet ACA's implications — including what will be required of the association under the shared mandate for employees’ health insurance.
  • Transformational Gifts: Rick Christ, vice president of Amergent, argues in this column that all gifts need to be "transformational." What makes a gift have this trait? Turns out there are at least eight characteristics.
  • To-Ga. To-Ga. To-Ga: Want to thank your volunteers for a job well done? Susan J. Ellis, president of Energize, Inc., has some ideas on how to throw a great party for them.

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