Friday, March 8, 2013

The NonProfit Times Store -- An Overview

One of the key features of our redesigned website is the new online store. Whereas before it was located on a separate URL, we have now integrated it into the main NPT website for optimal use.

This integration means that the store will be easier to access and, maybe more importantly, you will still be able to browse the rest of the website even when you have items in your shopping cart. It works like this: Say you decided to purchase the 2012 Salary and Benefits Report but are alerted to a breaking story on the NPT homepage. Instead of opening a new tab on your browser, you can simply navigate to the news story without any affect on your purchase.

As you browse the rest of the site, you will see an icon on the side of the page reminding you that there are items in your shopping cart. Once you are done with your other business, you can click on that icon and complete your purchase.

A look at the new shopping cart functionality

Some of the main items currently available in the online store are:

Head over to the new online store, try out the new functionality and, as always, continue to give us your feedback.

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