Tuesday, January 22, 2013

7 Ideas For Website Content

One of the age old battles of the Internet is whether a website with bad design but great content is better than one with amazing design but weak content. This battle is still raging on with no clear end in sight, but one thing is clear: You do need some content on your page to remain relevant.

The textbook definition of a great website is one that the user wants to come back to every day. For that to happen, the site has to have constantly updated content, and not just anything will do the trick. As Robbin Zeff explained in “The Nonprofit Guide to the Internet,” your content needs to be interesting, relevant and, most importantly, new.

There are many different forms of content, and it’s up to you and your webmaster to determine what needs to be on your site. Zeff suggested starting off with the following 7 ideas:

  • Identity: Who you are – your mission statement, a listing or profiles of staff;
  • Programs and Services: What you do – your programs, projects, meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.;
  • Contact Information: How you can be reached – address, e-mail, telephone numbers, office, hours, etc. If you have chapters or member organizations, list how they can be reached;
  • Available Resources: What material you have for free or for sale – newsletters, magazines, publications, t-shirts, posters, etc.;
  • Current activities: What information you want to highlight – press releases, news reports, etc.;
  • Links to related sites; and,
  • Help requests: What your needs are – donations of time, information, or money.

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