Wednesday, January 30, 2013

6 Ways To Build Your Social Media Audience

Social media has hung around long enough to no longer qualify as the "flavor of the month;" it now qualifies at the "flavor of the last few years and the foreseeable future." Yes, every business and nonprofit want to utilize a social media strategy these days, but there is a catch.

Sites like Facebook or LinkedIn can only be effective for your organization if you have an active audience. The good news is, attracting a few followers can often increase your potential audience exponentially as your friends spread the word to their own networks of friends, etc.

So how do you attract people to “like” your Facebook page, or follow your Twitter feed? Try these tips:
  • If you post it, they will come. If you’re launching a new blog or Twitter account, start by posting a few interesting things to show the audience what you hope to gain and that your resources might interest them.
  • How do you know what will interest the type of people you’d like to follow you? Ask them. Find a good representative sample of your desired audience and start a discussion with them about what kinds of posts they’d like to read.
  • Even with brilliant content, it’s difficult to attract supporters to a site that no one else is following. Ask your staff and other core supporters to follow your tweets, or “like” your Facebook page. Getting them to post comments or reply to your posts can help show an active community.
  • Add your social media profile information anywhere your contact information is given. A Facebook or Twitter logo on your website can link people directly to your pages.
  • People who already know you are more likely to join your social media communities than strangers, and you can reach people who already support your organization through email, print newsletters and other social media channels.
  • Social media is meant to be social. Participating honestly in the online conversation about topics of interest to your organization will build an audience more successfully than any other tip or trick. Post relevant comments that add to the conversation, tweet and retweet the resources other people offer, and watch your follower count grow.

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JR Russ said...

Great tips!! Particularly the one about making sure logos are prominent wherever possible.

One thing I would add to that would be just to make sure that each platform's branding guidelines are adhered to, and correct logos are used.

For example, too often I've seen Twitter's old "T" used, and they have a great page letting you know exactly what their current policy and logo is:

Just my two cents, but otherwise wonderful advice. Thank you!