Monday, December 3, 2012

The Dec. 1 Issue Of The NonProfit Times

Just in time for the holidays, the Dec. 1 issue of The NonProfit Times is now available. The newest edition of the magazine features stories ranging from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy to the looming "fiscal cliff." Let's take a look at some of the stories you will find within the pages, starting with the top stories.


  • Get Ready For The Fiscal Cliff: Most Americans are familiar with the so-called fiscal cliff -- the combination of tax increases and budget cuts set to begin Jan. 1 -- by this time. After all, it's been dominating the headlines since President Barack Obama won re-election in November. This article takes a look at the affects it will have on nonprofits should the government not come to a deal by the end of the year.
  • Charities Strike Back After Sandy's Knockdown Punch: Charities across the nation have chipped in following the devastating affects Superstorm Sandy had on the Northeast in October. This story takes a look at some of the more impressive efforts by nonprofits.
  • Lessons Learned From Katrina: In this guest column, Ann Silverberg Williamson, president and CEO of the Louisiana Association of Nonprofits, relates her experiences during another storm that caused major damage to communities: Hurricane Katrina.
Special Report
  • After The Election: The election is over and now the work resumes. The charitable sector needs to know where President Obama will lead the next four years on every social issue imaginable. This special report will let the president know where several of the sector leaders stand. Readers should also make sure to watch NPT's Platform for the Nonprofit Sector video.
  • Guarding Against Grant FraudGiven the stiff competition for grant funding and the amount of money at stake, the field of grant proposal writing is unfortunately fertile ground for fraud. When someone blows the whistle and the lawsuit flies, the person who wrote the grant proposal is in the line of fire. And, the organization that submitted the proposal -- the applicant organization, is likewise in hot water.
  • Direct Mail Still King: This column looks at why direct mail is still at the top of its game, despite all the advances in technology. Specifically, it looks at how catalogs are a great source of revenue for organizations.
These are only a sampling of the stories in the Dec. 1 issue. To get full magazine, visit our subscription page to order a digital or print edition of NPT.

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