Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chase To Award $7.5 Million In Grants

Chase Community Giving, the philanthropic giving program of JPMorgan Chase banks, has opened nominations for its Fall 2012 program, with $7.5 million in grants to be awarded to organizations across the country.

Customers at Chase banks can begin nominating their favorite charities beginning June 12 through July 19. This can be done at local Chase branches or online. The organizations that are eligible to be nominated are listed on Chase Community Giving’s website. In contrast to previous years, charities that accept their nominations by August 30 will automatically receive an equal share in $2.5 million. This is known as the Early Acceptance Period.

Charities that do not accept nominations in the Early Acceptance Period will move on to the General Charity Acceptance Period, which runs from August 31 through September 19. If an Eligible Nominated Charity does not accept the nomination in either the Early Charity Acceptance Period or the General Charity Acceptance Period by that deadline, it will not be eligible for the National Program.

It is expected that thousands of charities will be nominated for the Chase Community Giving grants. The 196 that receive the most votes will receive a share of $5 million in Chase grants. The winning recipients will be announced September 20. Here is how the money breaks down:

  • $250,000 (1) 
  • $100,000 (10) 
  • $50,000 (35) 
  • $20,000 (50) 
  • $10,000 (100) 

Chase Community Giving has awarded more than $20 million in grants to 500 charities since its inception in 2009. In addition, nearly 3.5 million people have “liked” its Facebook page. The bank’s foundation, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, has donated close to $1 billion since its creation in 2007. After the nominating period is over, the charities will be voted on by the public and Chase employees. The voting period for nominated organizations is from September 6 through September 19. Members of the community can have their voices heard by logging on to Chase’s Facebook page at Customers and Chase employees can vote at

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