Monday, April 16, 2012

April 15 Issue Released

The April 15, 2012 edition of The NonProfit Times has been released! If you haven't already received it in the mail, you can take a look at some of its content on our website.


  • Who Has Money?What does a 90-years-dead Italian economist know about modern nonprofit fundraising? Plenty, according to Josh Whichard, Jeffery Hunt and Kevin Shulman, who spoke about a principle developed by Vilfredo Pareto in the early 20th century, popularly known as “the 80/20 Rule.”
  • Your 403(b) PlanWhen the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced that it was going to start auditing 403(b) plans for the 2009 tax year, the notification, for the most part, received scant attention.
You can view all of the articles via our website.

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