Monday, October 24, 2011

Preparation Is Key For Capital Campaigns

Preparation is important for almost any big event.  If you don't do the proper work beforehand, it will likely come back to haunt you on the big day.  This is especially true for capital campaigns.  According to a recent nonprofit management tip from The NonProfit Times, organizations must do extensive preparation before heading into a capital campaign.  You can't just decide to run a campaign without doing some major prep work, and we're not just talking about deciding what the goal is.  There's a lot more involved:
  • Emphasize personal participation. Tell your board members that you expect a capital campaign gift from each of them. The same goes for any volunteer who would like to solicit others.
  • Create a realistic financial plan. Outline what resources you will need. Costs might be greater than you anticipate -- so make sure you budget a little wiggle room.
  • Set a fundraising goal. Once again, be realistic. It will just be icing on the cake if you surpass the goal.
Want to know more?  Read the full article here.  You can also read more articles about capital campaigns on our management tips page.

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