Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nonprofit Leaders Talk Change At United Front

Three years ago, nonprofits in Minnesota came to a realization: Government funding was disappearing as a result of the recession, and they were going to have to make significant changes.  The Greater Twin Cities United Way brought together nonprofit leaders from the state to come up with an answer.  What came out of that meeting was the United Front campaign.  It encouraged Minnesota nonprofits to work together so they could adequately address the problems facing their communities.  The annual meeting of this campaign took place last week in St. Paul, Minn.

According to the Star Tribune, the ultimate goal of these annual meetings is to create coordination among the agencies involved so they can help residents of the Twin Cities who have been affected by growing poverty and the economic downturn.  To help this effort, the Twin Cities United Way created a nonprofit merger fund.  This has helped support the mergers of more than 20 nonprofits over the last three years.  The organization has also funded programs like the Twin Cities Hunger Initiative and the Minnesota Coalition to End Violence.

You can read the full piece from The Star Tribune by visiting their website.  You can also visit The NonProfit Times to read an article about how Minnesota nonprofits were affected by their state's recent government shutdown.

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