Thursday, September 8, 2011

Georgia Nonprofit Stops Food Distribution

Chalk up another nonprofit that has fallen victim to the down economy.  According to, the Georgia nonprofit Angel Food Ministries will be laying off its full-time staff, forcing it to halt its food distribution services for the month of September.  The move will not only impact the lives of the staff let go, but also the thousands of Atlanta residents who rely on their services everyday.  This is the first time in 17 years the organization had to do halt its services.  Here is part of the statement they posted on their website:

Like the thousands of businesses in America that have endured one of the worst recessions in the past 100 years, we too have faced operational and financial challenges. We have every intention to continue offering great food at great prices in the coming months and are considering ways to reorganize or restructure our Ministry.
It appears that food distribution services will continue in the months ahead but for now, people who relied on their services are going to have to look for other sources.  The article states that the Elizabeth Baptist Church, which distributes the food boxes from Angel Food Ministries, is going to try and pay for them on its own through donations.  If this is successful, it will provide relief until the regular food service is restored. 

Want to read the full article on this story?  Head on over to WSBTV.

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