Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NPTtv Summary: Giving Is Picking Up

Note: This is a summary of a story from the newest episode of The NonProfit Times TV.

For the 10th consecutive month, fundraising is on the rise.  The latest numbers from Blackbaud show that from March to May, overall charitable revenue went up 11.3% from 2010.  These numbers come from $2.3 billion in 12 months revenue from 1,383 nonprofits.  In addition, organizations of all sizes are experiencing growth for the first time since the Great Recession.  Those specific numbers are as followed:

  • Medium and large organizations grew by 10%
  • Small organizations (those with less than $1 million in annual fundraising revenue) grew by 17.6%
In addition these numbers, Blackbaud had other data to share:

  • Fundraising at arts and culture organizations grew nearly 12%
  • Human services and environmental groups were still down from their year earlier results.

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