Monday, July 18, 2011

The New NonProfit Times

The NonProfit Times, the leading business publication for nonprofit management, unveiled an innovative content driven platform designed to engage readers through category/content driven searches.  The website is designed to give visitors the ability to find the exact subject information that is relevant to their needs.  Whether it is an article or a management tip from The NonProfit Times, a white paper, or a directory listing, readers will know that they can easily find the subject that matters the most to them.
The reason for the website redesign was simple: To increase interaction between the reader and The NonProfit Times.  The new site takes a holistic approach to social sharing and reader interaction, with the goal of delivering intelligent and informative content to fulfill the reader’s needs.
 The website is divided into 4 main areas: News and Articles, Management Tips, Resource Marketplace and the Library.
News & Articles gives the readers daily updates on the happenings of the nonprofit sector, keeping them up-to-date on the happenings of the day.  Whether it is a quick update on a breaking story or a opinion-driven column, there will always be new stories available to readers.   
Management Tips offers “how tos” on a wide range of management topics that are geared towards nonprofit organizations.  Nonprofit managers will be able to find the answer to virtually any issue they have by browsing the 26 different categories of tips. 
The Resource Marketplace is where a nonprofit turns to when it is need of a product or a service to help the organization reach their goal.  Within each category is a list of services, along with their contact information and a short description of what they do. 
The Library is an advertiser driven area, in which white pages, videos, webinars are uploaded and are searchable by subject and category.

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