Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ethnic Donors: NPTtv Interviews Nelson Bowman

In fundraising, targeting the best prospects is very important.  In order to raise the most money possible, you have to be able to identify the top donor groups out there, and focus a lot of attention on them.  Nelson Bowman, director of development at Prairie View A&M University, spoke to The NonProfit Times TV about why targeting ethnic donors should be a key priority for fundraisers.  Specifically, we asked him the following questions:

  • Why should nonprofits be thinking about specifically targeting ethnic groups when it comes to their appeals and giving programs?
  • How is messaging different when targeting specific ethnic groups?
  • Anything else to think about besides the message or the type of message? Are there other aspects to the giving and the philanthropy among those ethnicities that a charity would have to think about before setting out in that direction?
  • Any other specific strategies or other strategies that charities should be thinking about when they set out to appeal to other ethnic groups?
  • Do charities target ethnic groups now, or is it a matter of making it front of mind and reminding them that the demographics showing that you should be appealing to different donor groups by ethnicity?
  • Anything else charities should think about when just starting out a program like this, to focus a little more on ethnic groups in their appeals; is there a good first step or two that they should do before they engage?
Bowman answered all of these questions, and also touched on how important it is to be ethnically sensitive to these donors.  If your organization has been thinking of reaching out to these groups, this video is a must watch.  You can view the full interview over at The NonProfit Times TV.

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