Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NPTtv Summary: Nonprofit Money Laundering

Note: This is a summary from the latest episode of The NonProfit Times TV.

Marco Aponte, husband of the former head of the nonprofit Family Connections, Louanna Aponte, has been arrested for money laundering.   If that last name sounds familiar, this is because this is not the first time the Aponte family has run into legal trouble.  Louanna Aponte is currently a fugative from the law after she did some financial theft of her own.  Ms. Apont had caused Family Connections to shut down after a review showed financial irregularities in their records. Apparently, she had been re-directing money intended for the Texas nonprofit to her personal account.

But Aponte didn't just stop with her organization.  Investigators also believe she was stealing money from The Hyde Park Christian Church and The Texas Association of Childcare Resources; she was a treasurer for both of these organizations. Combined, she has stolen upwards of $700,000 from the nonprofits. Authorities aren't positive of her current whereabouts, but they believe she is hiding somewhere in Vennezeula.  She is unlikely to turn herself in, so I guess her husband will have to do for now.

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