Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Facebook 'Causes' Launches New App to Help Fundraising

These days, it is almost impossible for a nonprofit (or any company, for that matter) to get away without a Facebook page.  The social networking site is not only an invaluable resource to update followers on the latest news, but it can also be a good fundraising tool as well.  And with the latest application from Facebook Causes, that just got a little easier for nonprofits.

Causes, an online advocacy/fundraising application in Facebook, recently launched a new update called "Give a Minute."  What is it, exactly?  Well according to a post on their official blog, it is a simple application a nonprofit can add to their Facebook page that allows users to complete short (around 30 seconds) activities that, when completed, will give a charitable donation to the organization.  This donation is usually in the range between 10 and 50 cents, but these can most certainly add up the more people complete them. 

To learn more about "Give a Minute" and Causes, visit their blog.

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