Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Co-Habitation Leads to Savings, Collaboration

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Some 45 percent of nonprofit location in nonprofit centers saw an improvement in their organizations’ revenue. Similarly, 55 percent of nonprofits reported their co-location resulted in a significant improvement in quality of services to clients. About 59 percent of resident organizations found that nonprofit centers enhanced their visibility to potential funders.

These are among the results from a report prepared by The Nonprofit Centers Networks, Tides and Mt. Auburn Associates called “Measuring Collaboration: The Benefits and Impacts of Nonprofit Centers,” examining the effectiveness and community impact of nonprofits relying on nonprofit centers.

Research was conducted surveying 146 directors of nonprofit centers (63 percent response rate), a survey of tenants of 16 nonprofit centers (57 percent response rate), interviews with 15 center directors, four focus groups of center directors and five case studies.

As 23 percent of nonprofit centers have been around for more than 20 years, centers have established a norm of collaboration, imperative to the efficiency of this setting. More than half of center directors said that at least one-third of resident organizations collaborate on programs and services.

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