Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NPTtv Summary: United Way Seeks to Solved Education Crisis With Volunteers

United Way Worldwide, in an effort to reverse the trend of students dropping out of schools, is launching an effort to recruit 1 million volunteer tutors and role models.  What is the crisis, exactly?  Well, according to recent studies, 7,000 students in the United States decide to drop out of school every day – that’s 1.2 million students each year. And, a poll of American adults shows that some 29 percent are concerned that their children will drop out.  So you can see why some actuon is needed. 

United Way’s plan is part of a larger national project and report called “Voices for the Common Good: America Speaks Out on Education.”  The plan was unveiled at a star-studded event moderated by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. At the event, United Way CEO Brian Gallagher said that there are few issues as important as a debate on education in America. Yet it appears that most American's voices are not being heard on this issue.  The hope is that this plan by United Way will help draw more attention to the problem and, as a reslt, focus more debate on it.
The recruiting for the 1 million volunteers is to begin immediately, and will be handled by United Way Women’s Leadership Council.

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