Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hope Chidren's Home: Insight on a Florida Nonprofit

Carrollwood Patch has just put up a pretty insightful interview with Jason Roberts, outreach coordinator for Hope Children's Home, a nonprofit in Carrollwood.  The organization, which was founded in 1968, offers residence to about 65 children who have been abused or have gone through other terrible life incidents.  Roberts says that while it may not be possible to replace traditional homes for children, he believes that it's the next best things for them. 

So right now, you may be thinking this just sounds like a foster home; what, exactly makes it different?  Well for one thing, Hope Children's Home places a big emphasis on siblings.  This means that unlike most foster homes, brother/sisters are not split up.  Another big difference?  They do not take any state or federal money which means, as Roberts says, they "are not a burden on the tax payers."  They are able to stay afloat, like most nonprofits, with the help of donations from locals. 

And now for a little history lesson: as I mentioned, Hope Children's Home was founded in 1968 by Dr. Ron Schaffer and Lindy McGowan after they saw how many children were being abandoned and neglected in their area.  Children at the Home are taught to be reliant on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and are given the care and loving they were always denied.

Interested in donating to Hope Children's Home?  Visit their website and be sure to read the full interview with Jason Roberts at Patch.

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