Monday, January 31, 2011

Americans Still Battling Recession-Imposed Hunger

Though there are signs that the recession is gradually becoming a thing of the past, millions of people in America are still going hungry. This informative video by Nonprofit Times focuses on this situation. A staggering ninety four percent of all Salvation Army food programs saw requests for food increase in 2010. Well over sixty percent of all these programs experienced an increase in demand of fifteen percent or more. The problem is that sixty percent of all Salvation Army programs have not received the necessary increase in funding to cope with the elevated flood of requests. In fact, many programs have had to deal with decreases in funding across all channels...public, private and governmental.

Some positive news
In a survey conducted not too long ago, as many as fifty five percent of respondents mentioned that their shelves were only half full or less. On a more positive note however, the Salvation Army has reported that thirty six percent of its programs have experienced higher funding levels, and twenty three percent of all programs benefited from higher levels of volunteerism. These kinds of positive figures reveal that the recession has not broken the spirit of American generosity.

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