Thursday, May 29, 2008

Communications ... 7 messaging roadblock questions

Taking an honest, searching look at your organization's message is a necessary task. One result of examining the message could very well be a decision to modify the message to develop it the best way possible, or simply to leave it as it is and put a renewed emphasis on conveying the message.

Although this process might seem straightforward, Rebecca K. Leet, a strategic consultant to nonprofit organizations, cautions that there could be roadblocks to success in terms of developing a strategic message.

Those roadblocks can be overcome if an organization is willing to answer the following questions:

  • Will we involve an interdisciplinary team in the message-development process?
  • Will the team include top leadership of our organization or programs?
  • Will we use the strategic message that is developed for a sustained period of time?
  • Will we be disciplined about how we use the message, for example, refraining from changing it because of boredom?
  • Will we commit to stating an organizational expectation that everyone in the organization, including board members and volunteers, will learn to use the strategic message?
  • Will we refrain from telling our audiences what they should want or do?
  • Will we practice linking what we want them to do with something they desire?

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