Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just a Dancin' Fool...

According to talk-show powerhouse Oprah Winfrey, all it took was a guy, a stage, a spotlight...and some killer dance moves.

The result: "Evolution of Dance," the little video that could... garner 60 million views on YouTube, that is, and notoriety as the most viewed video of all time on the user-generated site.

Just as Judson Laipply did with his shimmies and shakes through decades of popular dance moves --- including such flat-footed staples as the "running man" and the "roger rabbit" --- so can you. Here are some simple tips compliled by Collactive, which assists nonprofits, like Campaign for America's Future, with Web 2.0 technologies:

  • Create a relevant, informative video
  • Keep video short - preferably less than two minutes
  • Select a catchy title and thumbnail shot, which is uaually the exact middle, or "center frame," of your video
  • Choose a relevant niche category to got on "Most Viewed Today" list
  • Target the "Most Viewed Today" lists, rather than "Top Rated," "Most Discussed," or "Top Favorites"
  • Ask constituents to view and promote your video

-Marla E. Nobles

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