Thursday, September 27, 2007

Re-Gifting Goes From Tacky to Charitable

Social prudence says you can't trade in that hideous sweater Aunt Sally knitted for you last Christmas, but now donors can swap those unwanted gift cards that have been nesting in their "junk" drawer for months.

The National Prostate Cancer Center Coalition (NPCC) is among a growing number of nonprofit organizations tapping into a new program that allows donors to trade in or donate unwanted gift cards. "This program provides nonprofits a way to tap into the $5 to 10 billion in unused gift cards that accrue each year," says Michael A. Kelly, CEO of, "turning them into cash for these organizations." With the recent launch of its Cards That Care program, the Internet company is attempting to put a philanthropic spin on the universal faux pas that is re-gifting.

And, okay, maybe you can swap the sweater or donate it to a charity, but do you really want that on your conscience?

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